How to tell if your copywriting isn’t working

I rarely like to write about the negatives of life, but once in a while it makes sense to warn people about the potential pitfalls in their copywriting, rather than handing over a list of tips.  So without further ado, here are three copywriting mistakes from which to steer clear.

Why your copywriting isn’t working

1. You’re writing too much

It’s tempting to try to sell every benefit to your service or product to your reader, in the hope that if you throw enough mud at a wall then some of it will stick.  However, if they aren’t convinced after the first few points you’ll be wasting your breath with the rest, rather like the salesman who keeps trying to sell after the buyer has bought.desperate about writing

The difference with your copy, of course, is that while it can be awkward for a buyer to extrapolate themselves from a sales appointment, your reader can simply stop reading.

So prioritise your benefits, keep it punchy and relevant, and make sure you ask for the order.

2. It’s negative

An easy trap to fall into; rather than accentuating the positives of your service or product you talk about the failings of others.  Even worse, you make your reader feel hopeless or depressed before you try to win them round with the answer to all life’s problems: your product or service.

But your reader is more likely to buy when he feels good, so forget about the competition and focus on why they should buy from you.

3. It’s packed with jargondictionary and words

Unless you’re writing for a group that specifically knows all the buzz words of your industry then it’s a very bad idea to use jargon.  You might think it makes you look knowledgeable and therefore impressive, but in actual fact it will frustrate many readers who don’t know the language you are using and some might even feel patronised.

Neither of these emotions is likely to result in a sale.

Of course, while these three points will help you write better copy, the ultimate test of how good your content is all comes down to your conversion rate.  And if that’s low then it’s a pretty reliable indicator that something needs to change.

About the author: Mike Robinson

I have an Honours Degree in English Literature from Edinburgh University, a Masters in Corporate Communications and of course I’m a qualified copywriter, but then giving you prose that’s powerful, grammatically correct and spelling error free should be the least of your expectations from a copywriting professional.

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