How to Create Ad-Copy That Sizzles

Whether you’re writing ad-copy for a sales brochure, website or email campaign, it’s essential that you have four key elements in place.

Although these four elements are fundamentally different, when combined, they produce a highly effective marketing message.

Once you’re able to master these important techniques, you’ll have the recipe to create ads that not only sizzle, but sell.

It’s All About Psychology

Good marketing is based on psychology. It’s your job to convince your prospects that your product or service is distinct, unique and first in its class. In addition, you must create a base need for what you sell.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through the AIDA method, which is the basis of all good ad-copy. In fact, it’s an age-old formula that’s been used by copywriters for years.

The concept is fairly simple. You’re going to move your prospects through the sales process using the AIDA method:

  1. Grab their Attention
  2. Get them Interested
  3. Appeal to their Desires
  4. Ask them to take Action

Let’s take a look at each of these actions individually.

Grab Their Attention

You only have about three short seconds to capture your prospect’s attention.

You can accomplish this with a compelling headline or a riveting graphic, photo or video.

The truth of the matter is that if your headline isn’t spot-on, you’ve lost your prospect for good.

On the other hand, if you’re able to seize your prospect’s attention, through a headline that generates emotion, addresses a base fear or concern or pinpoints a specific benefit, your prospect is hooked.

Get Them Interested

Once you have captured the attention of your prospect, they will be interested in what more you have to say.

Your headline creates the intrigue and pushes your prospect to continue reading. This is where you can further peak their interest by focusing on a specific problem that they are facing.

Your goal is to create a scenario in which your prospect is able to identify closely with the problems you have outlined.

Appeal to Their Desires

Obviously, once you have showcased the problems that your prospects face, you will need to convince them that you can offer them a solution.

This is how you create a strong desire for your product or service. Show them, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your company can solve their problems and improve their life.

Build your case with specific examples, testimonials and benefits.

Ask Them to Take Action

Finally, you must ask your prospects what you would like them to do.

Now that you’ve taken them this far, it’s important that you tell them exactly what action to take.

Here are a few ways your prospect can act:

1) Offer a Bonus: Order Now To Receive Your Free Report!

2) Provide a Discount: When You Order Before Midnight, You’ll Receive 50% Off!

3) Create Scarcity: Only The First 15 People Will Receive This Special Offer, So Act Now!

4) Showcase The Consequences: If You Don’t Act Today, Your Business Will Never Change…

5) Create Motivation: Act Today and Stop Smoking Tomorrow!

6) Appeal To Emotions: Call Us Today…Your Financial Security Depends On It!

Obviously, it’s not a simple task to create powerful ad-copy.

However, always remember that “getting back to the basics” can be the best way to create powerful ads that sell.


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  1. Judy B. David
    Judy B. David says:

    It’s very professional. I’d hit them with the “unique” (or as close as it could be such) point of the product/service; then I’d position the discount.
    Then follow with time limit of offer, possible supply limit, end with call to action and details.
    And a tag line.

    (Maybe your ad was primarily meant for a direct mail message; forgive my misrepresenting.

    Shoestring ==clever name.

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