Focus on Your Niche…Establish Yourself as an Expert!

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” –Henry David Thoreau

Establish Yourself as a Specialist.

Establishing yourself as a specialist in your field commands a lot more respect. You will become the person to turn to when expertise is required in your field. You will attract a higher quality client by becoming the best you can. You will be able to command higher fees by delivering quality knowledgeable information.

Spreading yourself more thinly by becoming an authority on everything will possibly give you more work but at the cost of a lower fee…a specialist commands higher fees than a generalist.

If you had a general health problem you would normally go to your doctor. On the other hand if you had say an eye problem you  would go to a Optometrist‎.

The Optometrist would charge a higher fee because he or she is a specialist in their field. Focusing on a specialized part of your business will put your name out there as the person to go to when a certain problem arises…making you stand out from the crowd. It is alright to change your niche if you later find out that you have better knowledge, understanding and passion for a different industry…as long as you don’t continually swap from one to the next.

I recently changed my copywriting niche from ‘construction’ to the ‘alternative health’ niche with some success. Finding that I was getting a more requests for health I decided to change my focus a bit.I am very passionate about both industries but thought a change would be nice. I am finding this change very exciting and it shows in my copy. Don’t get me wrong I still do copy and web marketing for construction it is just that I now specialize in the health niche.

Another good example…When I started out as a builder many years ago my crew of carpenters would build the complete house, like concrete foundations to complete finishing of the house. These days it is more specialized with specialist sub contractors coming in to complete various stages of the building process.

I gradually changed with the times and would specialize in say concrete or roofing and every now and then change my focus to a different skill in the building process. I always found that I was paid more and in higher demand by becoming that specialist.

Just remember…nothing is set in concrete, go with the gut, try something new and who knows but you may have a major breakthrough in life.

Here’s to a better life. John.

The more mistakes I make…the better I become– JB


About the author: John Brewer


John Brewer is a professionally-trained freelance web copywriter and coach. His expertise in web marketing and copy-writing has helped many businesses to increase sales just by implementing some of his strategies. He has great passion and understanding for writing compelling content and helping businesses to increase their sales.

This article was first published by John Brewer