Ferris Wheels, Campsites and Pubs: the Best Locations for Your New Office

At a time when ‘workation is becoming the corporate world’s newest buzzword. Remote employees are using their freedom to figure out if they can work from literally anywhere on earth! Besides, the lockdown of 2020 has forced people to step out of their comfort zones and try something new. Even during work hours. From theme parks to boozy locales, check out these ‘work stations,’ which are unconventional at best, and at times, even bizarre. Who knows, you might end up working from one of these places by the end of it!


The concept of working from a campsite was unheard of until COVID-19. After that, the entire world started catching up with the fad.

In fact, many camping websites in the UK have recorded a massive surge in reservations. Especially after the lockdown restricted people’s movement within the cities.

Not getting distracted by the beautiful surroundings can be quite a challenge. But all that one needs is a good internet connection, battery backup, and a few hours of concentration. Besides all the food and tents, a sturdy table will now be a mandatory addition. Particularly for everyone who wants to get some work done while sitting at a campsite.


Without a doubt, watering holes have been among the worst-hit businesses during the pandemic. Thanks to an early deadline imposed by many countries, they could be dealing with the revenue blow for many months now.

On the other hand, a few innovative pubs have steered in a new direction by offering co-working spaces inside their premises. It is a win-win situation while social distancing is a thing. On the other hand, home-working employees can experience a refreshing change.

So from now on, those boring afternoon Zoom calls can be accompanied by two tall mugs of beer and some fries!

Ferris Wheel

Yes, you read it right! Yomiuriland, an amusement park in Japan, started operating its Ferris Wheel in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to accommodate remote workers. Besides maintaining social distancing, the ride ensures that visitors can enjoy Central Tokyo’s breathtaking views for the entire day.

Apparently, the park’s manager, Masane Uchida, had a brainwave during an internal meeting. It was his idea to introduce work from Ferris Wheel as an option. Now, at $18 a day, the locals seem to be having fun working from a cabin that goes nearly a hundred feet above the ground.

This is just the start! Since the pandemic has made remote work more acceptable, vacation destinations of the future are innovating to combine work and play. In London, an ambitious development is combining a theme park, waterpark, e-sports arena, and luxury hotels in what has been touted as the entertainment destination of the future.

Some folks are making the best use of the opportunity by bringing their family to the amusement park while still managing to complete some work-related stuff!

The aforementioned places might have become makeshift offices due to the changing circumstances. But looking at the public response, they might continue to be preferred by remote workers in the future too. We might soon have a ‘workation’ tour provider too!

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