How to Use Copywriting Effectively in Your E-commerce Business for More Than Just Product Listings

You should never underestimate the importance of quality copywriting when used in conjunction with your e-commerce business. Some people think that copywriting is purely for articles or direct sales copy, but this cannot be further from the truth. Using copywriting effectively in your e-commerce business can not only result in more traffic to your website. In turn, this leads to more sales. Furthermore, it cements the relationship between yourself and your customers.

1. On your website

This process starts, as you can imagine, on your website. You might think that the only piece of copy that matters on your website is that of the initial introduction. While this is important, your website will benefit from incorporating quality copy that is inclusive to all visitors on other pages as well. It is vital to realize that not everybody – in fact, very few people – like to be ‘sold to’ on every page that they visit, and with your copy, you can take advantage of this.

Your website should not only be used as a tool to create sales but also provide valuable information about your products. You could even troubleshoot basic problems that your potential customers or readers may have that are related to the niche that you cater to. This could help build your reputation as a ‘go-to’ person or expert in your niche. In turn, it could be a way to create quality traffic to your website.

By ensuring that you have quality shopping facilities available on your website for those who wish to purchase from you, you will inevitably be covering all bases, although you should enlist the help of experts such as MageCloud to help you with your website design and migration to Shopify. This will help you convert abandoned trolleys into sales and provide a quality shopping experience to your customers.

2. Marketing Strategies

As touched on briefly above, the use of copywriting in direct marketing strategies for the hard sell is well-known. However, incorporating copywriting into other areas of your marketing strategy. Which is not so obvious but instead personal, such as in your emailing strategies. These can engage previous customers and encourage them to purchase again or even just reaffirm the relationship that you have with them and build trust. You’ll also find that by keeping in regular contact with previous customers, your business remains at the forefront of their minds.

It is important to realize, however, that these regular contacts should not be constantly about selling but also be informative, educational, and intriguing. With this, the information is read and the email is not sent directly to the trash can as soon as it is received.

3. Selling Platforms

You can also use copywriting when building your business on the various selling platforms that are available online. Using copy to introduce your business to those looking to know more about you before making a purchase or even about the products you sell, could be advantageous. Especially if all your products are handmade by yourself or your team of employees.

It is no secret that websites like eBay and Amazon have more than their fair share of followers and customers who will actively go there before searching anywhere else for products. By not entering the market on these sites, you are cutting off a large chunk of potential customers. Therefore, reducing your profits significantly.

4. Business Literature

Even for an online business there are still going to be reasons why you are going to need business literature printed in paper form. It could be that you are looking for more investors in your business. Or maybe you are reaching out to other companies that you could supply or partner with in the near future.

Undoubtedly, it is important to remember that if you are sponsoring a local sports team or event, having business literature around for supporters or visitors to read can help them understand the connection between your business and the spectacle that they are seeing and the background behind it. This literature can also benefit from a bit of crafted copywriting to engage the recipient and get your point across. Even if it is just to get them to visit your website or remember your business name.

5. Recruitment Drives

There are very few businesses that do not need or require a recruitment drive from time to time, and having good quality copy to make your business shine and attract the right person is a must, especially if your target audience happens to be graduates straight from university or college. This is not to say that the copy should be a work of fiction. However, it should be well-written, informative, and, above all, engaging. This means that the reader is compelled to read every word.

After introducing your business and stating everything that your business does for your employees and any recruits you happen to gain, you will also have to introduce the job role on offer and supply information on the tasks involved. You may also want to speculate as to what type of person you are looking for. As well as the qualifications that they may have obtained before applying.

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In conclusion

There are various ways to use compelling quality copywriting within your business that can help it appeal to customers. Past and current, as well as encourage potential customers to visit and make purchases. This is not just about writing zippy product listings but utilizing them around all areas of your eCommerce venture.

Using it in all its forms can help build a picture of your company and the expert knowledge harbored there for customers to take advantage of both online and within your local vicinity. It can also be used to encourage the right candidate to reach out, apply, and become your most valued recruit. In turn, you can build your business even further.