A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. But what happens if you take that picture and support it with a well researched, keyword and SEO friendly piece of copy for the product? The answer: a successful e-commerce site with potential for growth.

So, how do we go about gaining this online success? Why, hiring the right kind of people, of course.

Start off with a copywriter specialising in product description.

How do the product copywriters do their job? With the few keywords written in their client’s brief, they put together a short, catchy and interesting, well detailed, easy-to-read description of a product. Apply the correct keywords and last but by no means least the SEO. Voilà! You have yourself a product description fit for your quality product. (trust me, it’s not as easy as you may think. Leave it to the professionals).


Now it’s time to search for a product photographer.

A good product photographer will ensure they produce a compelling selection of images that abides by a client’s brief and is fully aware of the brand. They ultimately end up with a collection of images that clearly depicts the product. Ideally, a potential customer can view the product online as if they are looking at it in a shop. The copy will then support those images, filling in details that could not be shown in an image. (again, not as easy as you think.)


What if you take a product photographer and a product copywriter and put them together?

Then you’re killing two birds with one stone, so-to-speak. Hiring a professional who’s not only a product copywriter but also a product photographer, they could work closely with the client on a project. Taking part in the full process of the e-commerce project, a client can ensure consistency in the outcome.

A professional who is fully immersed in each part of the process, is able to not only become familiar with the product and the brand, but takes time to understand what the client wants. That make for a successful e-commerce site with potential for growth.


About the author:

Beginning her writing career as an editorial intern at a local Barcelona magazine, Heather continues to write copy and product descriptions. Heather is currently based in London, continuing as a copywriter and product photographer.