Desk for rent in Amsterdam

We have a desk for rent in Amsterdam. It’s slap bang in the middle of town on the Rokin opposite the torture museum, which you can pop into during your lunch break for a bit of light relief.
The office is small with three rooms and a large meeting room that you’re also free to use. Most importantly for writers and creatives, it’s quiet, so you can work in peace. Plus, it has all the amenities like a stella coffee machine, printer and a nice plant.
Share an office with your agent
Copywriter Collective is one of Europe’s leading agencies for freelance advertising creatives. So, if you’re a freelance copywriter, art director or designer and looking for more work, surely it would help if you were sat in the same room as your agent?
The price is only €190 per month (all-in). All-in means all the electricity, water and internet you can possibly consume in one month.
It’s ready immediately, so you could already be sitting here tomorrow.
Get in touch now to arrange a time to come and see it. Simply call 020 3205319 or email