Copywriting competition: Name the wall

Copywriting competition is now closed and the winner is… Vanina!

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the last few weeks, you’ve probably heard about the wall, and we’re not talking Pink Floyd. The newsworthy story of the year is President Trump’s wall on the border with Mexico has actually been given the go-ahead. The response it’s caused in America has ranged from fear to furious, with protests rampant. He’s even managed to get the president of Mexico as hot as a Mexican jumping bean.
So before he builds a wall to almost equal his ego, we wanted to lighten the mood, get creative, and have a little fun with it. China has the Great Wall, Germany had the Berlin Wall – how should we name name the wall? Since we know you’re all top-notch writers, we know we’ll see your originality and creativity in our comments section and name the wall. Let’s give Americans something to smile about. Name the wallWho knows, maybe the name will stick!

The prize

The best name will be awarded this Tshirt to let everyone know you named a monstrous, er, monumental piece of history.

How to enter

Type your entry in the comments box below. We accept up to 5 entries per person.


We’ll be accepting entries until 17th February, so plenty of time to “build” your list!

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Name the wall

73 replies
  1. Fraser Bailey
    Fraser Bailey says:

    Sorry, that should be Trumpty-Dumpty (from the nursery rhyme ‘Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall etc’.)

  2. Peter Altschuler
    Peter Altschuler says:

    The Irony Curtain
    The Great Divide
    The Walled Off Astoria
    The Great Barrier Grief
    The Wall of Shame
    TKO (Trump’s Keep Out)
    MACDonald’s (Make America Caucasian) Franchise
    The MACAW (Make America Christian And White) Barrier
    Trump’s Folly
    Borderline Insanity

  3. Shruti
    Shruti says:

    Since the path he is following, we predict the next step is to become a racist nation

  4. Fraser Bailey
    Fraser Bailey says:

    (A tribute to BoatyMcBoatFace which was the most popular choice of name for a new Royal Navy (or some or other arm of the British state) boat quite recently. Sadly, however, this name was only given to the boat’s dinghy.)

  5. Cathy Scott
    Cathy Scott says:

    After all my pharmaceutical experience, I am fairly confident that the correct term is the Blood-Brain Barrier. I have helpfully pasted the relevant description below:
    ‘The blood–brain barrier (BBB) is a semipermeable membrane barrier that separates the circulating blood from the brain extracellular fluid in the central nervous system (CNS). The blood–brain barrier is formed by brain endothelial cells, which are connected by tight junctions. The blood–brain barrier allows the passage of water, some gases, and lipid-soluble molecules by passive diffusion, as well as the selective transport of molecules such as glucose and amino acids that are crucial to neural function. Furthermore, it prevents the entry of lipophilic potential neurotoxins by way of an active transport mechanism mediated by P-glycoprotein. Astrocytes have been claimed to be necessary to create the blood–brain barrier. A few regions in the brain, including the circumventricular organs, do not have a blood–brain barrier.’
    See? Absolutely no Mexicans will get past that,

  6. Jason Stanford
    Jason Stanford says:

    I don’t know Spanish very well, but you have to take the audience into consideration. Here are a few ideas.
    Los Muros Grande (The big wall? just has a nice ring to it, may be plural though)
    El Grande Muros (The big wall)
    La Loco Grande Muros (The Crazy Big Wall, we definitely got to get LOCO in there somehow)
    Loco Grande Muros De Trump (crazy big wall of Trump, or Trump’s crazy big wall)
    Muros De Estados Unidos (Wall of the United States)
    Can a Spanish speaker help me out here to get the phrasing right?

  7. Edward Mitchell
    Edward Mitchell says:

    Oh! you beautiful wall, You great big beautiful wall!
    Tex v Mex
    Trump’s Triumph
    Cerveza no-go
    Like nothing I’ve built before, folks

  8. Vanina
    Vanina says:

    – The Greatest Wall Ever Built by the Most Powerful Man™
    – #TheWallofTolerance
    – The Wall of Bad Hombres
    – The Wall of Equality
    – The Wall of Terror

  9. Fraser Bailey
    Fraser Bailey says:

    Meanwhile, the French are building a wall around the Eiffel Tower in a (probably hopeless) attempt to prevent a large number of dead Chinese tourists. So, in the interests of political balance I suggest:
    Le Mur Eiffel
    MurMur (in tribute to the French actress Miu Miu)
    Alain Jumpe
    Charles de Wall
    La Reine Murgot (crikey my knowledge of French history/film is solid today…)
    Spring Time For Mo

  10. Jon Carnes
    Jon Carnes says:

    The Freedom Wall
    Knock Before Entering Wall
    Throw Them Back Over Wall
    Wall of Protection
    Promise Delivered Wall

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