Copywriting – 5 Reasons You Should Invest

Copywriting is more than writing, it’s an essential element of any form of marketing, both online and offline.

It’s also an art, crafted well, a stellar piece of copywriting can can make or break your new product launch, service offering, advertisement or your entire marketing strategy.

As a business owner there is probably a list of things that you hire professionals for; you likely hire an accountant to go over your figures, you might hire an HR company to find you great staff, you probably have a computer geek to look after your IT hardware and software… It stands to reason, then that you should consider hiring a copywriter to do what they do best – copywriting.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should invest in professional copywriting.

  1. Copywriters practice the art of seduction – A copywriter doesn’t just string words together, they write to sell or promote your product or service. Each word is specially selected to convince and convert.
  2. It’s really tricky to write about yourself or your business – Effective copywriting comes from an outside perspective. Your copywriter is able cut through industry jargon and get your message across succinctly in terms that your audience will understand easily.
  3. Effective copywriting needs to suit the medium – Your website visitors will consume information differently to those customers that have picked up your in-store flyer. A great copywriter knows which writing style to adopt for various purposes.
  4. Professional copywriting can save you time and money – Invest in one great piece of copy, and you own it; once your copywriter has nutted out your key messages you can reuse and repurpose that copy across various channels. In any business time is money, so concentrate on your core business and save money by hiring professionals for your copywriting.
  5. Copywriters dot their “eyes” and cross their “tees” – Great grammar, slick spelling and perfect punctuation are essential for your professional image. We use words to craft compelling content, you won’t find an emoji or emoticon in sight, because every word counts!


About the author: Kate Coote


Kate knows a thing or two about content marketing, she runs her own successful digital marketing agency. Kate has an innate knack of finding each client’s unique voice, enabling her to tell stories that capture attention and helping her clients thrive online and offline by delivering the messages that count through captivating copy.

If Kate was on “Mastermind” her specialist subject would be Social Media, she carefully crafts and repurposes copy for different social channels, ensuring that her clients voices stand out from the crowd.

Kate has sat on expert Social Media Panels at various seminars, she is regularly engaged to speak professionally on digital marketing and has guested on a number of podcasts to discuss the use of Social Media for business.
Kate has spent the last twelve years in New Zealand, and is now works between the UK and Barcelona.

This article was first published by Kate Coote

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