The Best Content Marketing Tools For Streamlining Your Strategy

According to research by Oberlo, around 96% of marketers believe that content marketing is effective for their brand. This stat is more than enough to show you the success rate of content marketing for businesses.

But keep in mind that, you will only get the required benefits from this content marketing technique when you follow the right strategies. And those days are now gone, when marketers devote their valuable time and effort to efficiently following content marketing strategies.

Instead, they are now making use of advanced content marketing tools to streamline this whole process. In this article, I am going to discuss some of the best tools that marketers can use in this regard.

Best Content Marketing Tools for Streamlining Strategies

Below, I have discussed the 12 best content marketing tools that marketers can use.



HubSpot is a platform that is widely known for offering some of the best marketing tools. Each of the tools can assist in quickly and efficiently different content marketing tasks. Some of the most useful tools offered by HubSpot related to content marketing are as follows:

Blog idea generator: 

Since content marketing involves consistently creating valuable content, there is a strong chance that most marketers may face difficulty in coming up with unique blog ideas for content creation. In such kind of scenario, this tool can be highly beneficial.

It will generate up to 5 different blog topic ideas for a given keyword. So that, you (the marketer) that you think is suitable. And the good thing is, this blog topic generator is totally free to use.

Persona Generator: 

As the name of this tool says, it will help marketers quickly create professional-looking buyer personas within a matter of minutes.

All they have to do is just follow the on-screen instructions provided by the generator, and they will eventually end up creating a buyer persona that is completely according to the targeted audience.

Guide creator:

This content marketing tool will allow you to create how-to guides for the targeted customers/audience. You just have to provide it with the screenshots, and it quickly turns them into a step-by-step guide.

Useful features: 

  • Offers numerous useful tools related to content marketing
  • Most of them are available for free
  • The tool features a user-intuitive interface


the-best-content-marketing-tools-for-streamlining-your-strategy-copywriter-collective-chatgptMost of you will already be aware of this renewed AI-based language model. ChatGPT can help marketers create any kind of content in minutes without compromising on quality.

Not just this, it can also assist them in several other tasks as well, such as performing thorough research, creating marketing strategies/plans, and many more. In simple, ChatGPT will generate content according to your given instructions. For an illustration, take a look at the image below:

The good thing is free to use for all. However, keep in mind that, its paid version is also available which is quicker and more accurate.

Additionally, ChatGPT can both understand and communicate any kind of language in the world.

Useful features:

  • Can help in any kind of content marketing tasks
  • Ability to generate 100% unique content
  • Can communicate in any language


the-best-content-marketing-tools-for-streamlining-your-strategy-copywriter-collective-bufferBuffer is an All-in-one marketing tool that can help content marketers in several ways. For instance, it can help them to keep track of their marketing campaigns, so that they can know which strategy is working best for them and which is not.

Apart from this, Buffer allows marketers to collaborate with team members, eliminating the need to meet on a third-party platform. Besides this, it also has an intelligent built-in AI writing assistant that will help them quickly create topic ideas, meta descriptions, taglines, and many more.

The best thing is that it gives the option to schedule posts for different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). And monitor the overall engagement of each social media platform.

Now, you will have an efficient idea of how Buffer can help streamline time-consuming content marketing tasks, resulting in boosting working efficiency, and overall marketing results as well.

Useful features: 

  • All-in-one marketing tool
  • Integrated AI-writing assistant
  • Keep track of marketing campaigns


the-best-content-marketing-tools-for-streamlining-your-strategy-copywriter-collective-repostedPrepostSEO is a toolkit containing a range of content marketing tools. All the tools are available in both free and premium versions. Some of the best ones are as follows:

Plagiarism Checker:

This tool will help content marketers measure the uniqueness of the marketing content before publishing it on the internet.

This plagiarism checker works by comparing the input text with billions of already-published resources to find any traces of copied content. If any traces are found, it will highlight them with a red line along with the matched source.

Paraphrasing tool:

Oftentimes, your content writing team may not be able to come up with quality. Instead of compromising on the quality, you can get help from PrepostSEO’s paraphrasing tool.

It will paraphrase the given content to improve its overall quality in terms of word choice, sentence structuring, etc. During the paraphrasing process, it ensures the original meaning of the content remains untouched.

Text Summarizer: 

This tool will allow content marketers to quickly generate concise summaries of marketing content. Besides this, it can also help in creating brief meta descriptions of products and articles without losing the main idea or point.

Useful features:

  • Offers numerous marketing tools
  • The tools are available in both free and paid plans
  • Supports numerous international languages


the-best-content-marketing-tools-for-streamlining-your-strategy-copywriter-collective-onlinenotepadThis can be also considered a reliable content marketing tool. This online notepad allows marketers to take notes of important things, points, and techniques with ease. Apart from this, they can also share the saved notes with others via link or through email.

Additionally, this free notepad also gives multiple formatting features, so that marketers can properly format the notes. The features include heading tags (H1 to H6), Bold, Italic, and Underline, bullets/numberings, etc.

This online notepad gives the option to download or save personally in multiple file formats like text, PDF, etc.

One good thing about it is that this tool is available in mobile applications for Android, iPhone, and desktop users, with the option to synchronize the data on all devices. But remember, to use this feature, you must have to create an account on it.

Useful features: 

  • Multiple text formatting options
  • Availability of applications
  • Save or download notes in multiple file types
  • Light and dark mode


the-best-content-marketing-tools-for-streamlining-your-strategy-copywriter-collective-canvaCanva is a freemium photo and video editing tool. Marketers can make use of this to create stunning visuals for their marketing content. This editing tool gives the option to create unique photos and videos.

Additionally, it also offers several pre-made templates of pictures and videos that marketers can use or edit according to their requirements/needs. Some of the pre-made templates are available for free, while some are only for users with paid accounts.

The editing features of Canva include:

  • Upload images/videos from the local storage
  • Add filter or text to the pictures
  • Use special elements and shapes
  • Adjust colouring, blurriness, sharpness, etc.

And so on…

Moreover, it allows marketers to adjust the size of the image and videos in terms of pixels, inches, millimeters, or centimeters.

Useful features: 

  • Pre-made templates of photos and videos
  • Excellent editing features
  • Offers both free and paid plans


the-best-content-marketing-tools-for-streamlining-your-strategy-copywriter-collective-ahrefsAhref is a research tool that will allow performing thorough research about the content they are planning to create to boost their brand/business. It offers multiple tools that are discussed below:

Site explorer: 

By using the site Explorer, marketers can determine the overall performance of a website in search results. All you have to do is just provide the URL of a site, and it will quickly provide you with useful insights about it.

Insights will include domain and URL rating of the site, total number of backlinks and referring domains, estimated traffic, no. of keywords, and many more.

Keyword explorer: 

Content marketers can use this tool to quickly find high-volume yet relevant keywords to increase their content’s search visibility. This tool will provide detailed info about the given keyword such as its difficulty score, overall search volume with countries, traffic potential, and many more.

Besides this, it will also provide a list of relevant keywords that can be used in the marketing content.

Rank Tracker: 

As the name indicates, this tool will allow marketers to efficiently monitor the ranking of their website in the search results. This tool will provide them with insights like Average position in the SERPs, estimated traffic, SERP features, etc.

Useful features: 

  • Offers multiple tools for monitoring performance in search results
  • Highly accurate
  • Provides valuable insights about a site or webpage


the-best-content-marketing-tools-for-streamlining-your-strategy-copywriter-collective-hemmingwayThe Hemingwayapp allows marketers to proofread their marketing content to find flaws. The tool has the ability to numerous flaws in the given flaws, for instance:

It will highlight both hard and tough sentences (hard with yellow color and very hard with red color). Besides this, it also highlights the passive voice in the content along with adverbs. The reason for highlighting flaws is that the person can quickly fix them.

The good thing is, that this tool also provides a readability score – referring to how simple to understand the given content is.

By utilizing this tool, marketers can quickly determine the issues in the marketing content, and make it valuable for the targeted audience.

Useful features:

  • Highlight issues in the content with different colors
  • Provides an overall readability score
  • Available for free and no signup is required


the-best-content-marketing-tools-for-streamlining-your-strategy-copywriter-collective-grammarcheckMost of you will already have an idea of what this tool will do. This free AI grammar checker allows content marketers to quickly scan their marketing content to find all kinds of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Apart from detecting errors, this tool also provides appropriate suggestions to correct them. The users just have to click on the mistake, and the tool will provide multiple suggestions. Not just this, they can also click the “Tick” button in the top right corner and the tool will automatically correct all the errors.

Moreover, this grammar checker offers unlimited word-checking limits which means marketers don’t have to divide their content into several pieces to check for grammatical mistakes.

Additionally, it can check the grammar of content in five different including English, Francais, Spanish, Italiano, and Nederland.

Useful features: 

  • Provides suggestions to correct the detected errors
  • No word count limit
  • Supports five languages and is free to use


the-best-content-marketing-tools-for-streamlining-your-strategy-copywriter-collective-coscheduleCoschedule is an All-in-one marketing tool that allows marketers to efficiently manage their content on different platforms. Besides this, it also gives a wide suite of marketing products that will help them to efficiently coordinate the process, projects, teams, etc.

One of the best things is that it allows marketers to create a comprehensive content calendar. The calendar will give you visibility of all of your content-related tasks, campaigns, etc.

Additionally, Coschedule also gives the option to schedule posts on different social media platforms and measure the post-performance as well. In simple words, this tool will help you efficiently organize all your essential things in one place.

Useful features: 

  • A wide suite of marketing products
  • Create and schedule social media posts
  • Option to create a detailed content calendar


the-best-content-marketing-tools-for-streamlining-your-strategy-copywriter-collective-contentlyContently is a well-known content marketing platform that helps marketers decide what kind of content they should create to efficiently communicate with the targeted audience.

Along with this, it also paid marketing services to help brands stand out tall in the required market. Contently also offers intelligent AI recommendations about the content, saving valuable time and effort of the marketers.

It also offers advanced analytics that will let you about what content is performing best for you and which is not.

Useful features: 

  • Helps in deciding what kind of content should be created
  • AI-based recommendations
  • Detailed insights about the content

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Wrapping up

So, these are some of the content marketing tools that will help streamline routine tasks, resulting in increased working efficiency. Hope you will the given information valuable. Happy Marketing!