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Naked poodle
Tax matters
Opening postponed
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Naked poodle review
Jack hosted the naked poodle creativity contest in Amsterdam last week and it went very well. It was part of the Picnic crossmedia event and 12 teams had to come up with an ad in half an hour. Take a look at The naked poodle and vote for your favourite.


You can already apply for your VARs for 2008. If you invoice us from Holland then you need a VAR as proof of your freelance status. We can’t pay your invoices without it. It’s easy to get one.
Emails for the taxman
A message from our accountant: “Many people do not think about saving there emails. In Holland it is an obligation to save your books and paperwork at least 7 years, this includes e-mails correspondence. Saving this could be important if you enter into a discussion with the tax office. Question, of course what is the importance of saving my e-mails? You can discuss about this but an important issue is the fact that the obligation of proving something is with the tax office. However if someone did not keep all of his records the tax office is allowed to turn around this obligation. Meaning you have to prove you are right and that can be tricky if you did not save you e-mail. So, be careful with what you throw away!”

Full-time in UAE
An agency in the United Arab Emirates is involved in some significant new business but are really short of good people. They are looking for young web designers, print designers and a young writer. If you know anyone please get in touch. Ideally people with hotel, hospitality, or food and beverage experience.
Office opening postponed
Unfortunately the office opening has to be postponed until early next year. The scaffolding outside won’t be removed until then and our new logo, sign and housestyle won’t be finished until then.