Campaign slogan for Hillary Clinton

Copywriting competition is now closed and shortlist will be announced shortly.

The American presidential race is well and truly under way now the two parties have decided upon their candidates. Yes, it’s Trump vs. Clinton. From now until November that’s all most of us will be hearing about.
We have already had a competition featuring The Donald, and so in the spirit of fairness we are now running one featuring Hillary Clinton.
Hillary ClintonThe winner of the Donald Trump caption competition was Vamshi Bandi, who said:
Reporter: Why do you always have that expression?
Trump: If you look closely, my mouth looks like a T. That’s called branding son.
Love her or loathe her, you can help or hinder her with a campaign slogan that you think best sums up her and her campaign. Satirical, funny or ironic, all entries are welcome.
So, get your thinking caps on and give us your best shot! Simply type in the Comments box below to enter. (Entries will appear after they’ve been approved by our web manager).

The Grand Prize

The winner of this competition will receive a special limited edition Hillary Nutcracker while stocks last (or a copy of her biography ‘Hard choices’ if sticks don’t run)
Hillary Clinton
We run this competition to give copywriters an outlet for their competitive side. It’s one of the ways we give back to the copywriting community.
Closing date
You can enter right up until Tuesday 2nd August. Multiple votes are positively encouraged.
We will post the top five entries on Facebook within 48 hours and you can vote for your favourite. Once the result has been decided we will post the winner their prize.
Good luck everyone.

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  1. Gordon Corcoran
    Gordon Corcoran says:

    This is yet another thinly veiled attempt to create attention for Clinton who is a despicable human, a horrible judge of character (just look who she chose to marry, for example), a terrible “leader” and I use that term very loosely here, a self-centered, lying, thieving, treasonous, murderous, snake in the grass who cannot be trusted. I’d say keep your idiotic nutcracker and use it on your brain but, your pea-brain in your pin-head is way too small to fit in it.
    If that is too many words for a slogan, feel free to take the last sentence out.

  2. Anita Haynes
    Anita Haynes says:

    Hillary Clinton. It’s about time!
    It’s about time that a woman broke through the glass ceiling and led the the US. (Europe is way ahead of the US in embracing women leaders.) No one is more experienced on the world stage, has the best interests of all Americans at heart and demonstrates the leadership the country needs. The alternative is unimaginable!

  3. Peter Altschuler
    Peter Altschuler says:

    A voice that shatters glass.
    Presidents are realists not reality stars.
    I’m running for president, not CEO.
    America is fearless. Not fearful.

  4. Anita Haynes
    Anita Haynes says:

    Clinton. Because someone needs to where the pants in this country!
    A reference to Hillary’s signature pantsuits.

  5. Vamshi
    Vamshi says:

    Vote Hilary.
    Because it’s better to have a president who is fired up rather than to have someone who likes to fire.

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