Nowadays freelance copywriters are becoming more and more common and it is important you know how to distinguish yourself from others. This can be done by creating a personal brand. There are several advantages associated with going big and they are quite appealing. But, building a big brand for yourself has many challenges involved. You are required to be aggressive with marketing, be able to deal with the competition, and be able to cope with the changes in the market situation. Managing a big brand also means managing cash flow, customers, suppliers, and employees. It is a foray worth considering though. Here are some lessons you should follow when building a huge brand.

  1. Develop a powerful brand identity

    Brand identity means how you communicate with the clients, what you are related to, and who you are. This is what sets you apart from the competition and attracts more clients to trust their copywriting to you. Take into consideration the visual appearance, name, and trademark. All these things when brought together can create a brand that will cater to a range of demographics. The brand identity must be flexible and should be able to evolve with the growth. A brand must be memorable, unique, and should stand out from the competition. Powerful brands have the resources to acquire new talent. For instance, if you are located in Canada you could partner with a professional employer organization Canada and have exposure to a greater customer base. The funding institutions push the bigger brands and have more ready access to funding.

  1. Use social media for customer engagement

    Statistics have clearly shown that one out of three customers gets in touch with the brands via social media. It is not something that can be ignored while building a name for your copywriter services. Develop a great social media experience by having a team in place for representing the voice of the brand on social media. Use all the available tools for managing and responding to compliments, complaints, and mentions. Develop competitive taglines for interaction with the followers. Utilize social media influencers. This is because most customers like to relate to a brand endorsed by their favourite celebrities.

  2. Develop a community around this brand

    Several people wish to be associated with a brand in a relatable and authentic way. You need to build a community around the brand because it is fundamental in the creation of human connections. You may donate to a charity with every sale you make. Increase customer involvement in your operations. For instance, while selling sunglasses you can ask a client to model for your brand. Sponsor the social media pages which will cause improvement to your customer’s value. For example, if you want to approach parents, develop a page for parenting. Prepare a mailing list for sharing educational and significant information and impress them with your freelance copywriting services.

  3. Develop SEO content

    Having great searchability and visibility around the internet is significant for a big brand. It is also crucial for driving traffic, improving customer experience, and increasing customer engagement. Here are the tips that can help with SEO.

  • Use Meta titles and descriptions.
  • Develop content for your site that is rich in keywords.
  • Register the brand with online directories.
  • Use Google Analytics for tracking the search engine rankings.
  1. Promote using live events

    Marketing your freelance copywriting by using live events is a good way of getting new leads, developing a network, and raising the brand’s presence. You may approach this by sponsoring live events or by promoting your event. While sponsoring other events make sure that you let others know about your presence by using hashtags, geo-targeted search, Instagram stories, and social media campaigns. While promoting your event you may develop a separate website for the occasion complete with every detail such as ticket pages, speakers, and prior testimonials. Inform people about the reason they must attend the event via social media and have some gifts such as branded items and tickets.

  2. Concentrate on your staff

Keep in mind that your staff is your number one brand ambassador. Therefore, their job satisfaction is crucial for driving commitment, retention, and productivity. If you are looking to grow your brand to another level, significantly, there should be a valuable addition to what you are offering to your employees. Encourage their growth via arrangement for professional training, by recognizing the work of outstanding employees, allowing flexible schedules, etc.



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