British vs American English – Infographic

Writing for international clients

British English and American English – two languages that are alike enough for us to understand each other, but with some interesting, and sometimes awkward differences.  Download this infographic to remind you to double check your spelling and meaning when you are writing for an American market.

About the author: Joanna Brown

Joanna - profile picJoanna is a business copywriter, and the driving force behind Word Hen Ltd., a UK company specialising in compelling communication for financial and legal firms.

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  1. T P Gopinathan Nair
    T P Gopinathan Nair says:

    If the reader understands, the first stage of the purpose is served. Read, understand and decide action. Hence depending upon the geographical location, one can select British or American English. We need not debate on superiority. With slight modification, copy can be altered to suit the geographical preference, as the chief theme remains unchanged.

    I also feel that for international clients, at times, it is better to use region-wise copy for specific locations. And that too, in local languages. We can maintain global trade marks/logos; but insisting on the same copy for all markets is not advisable at all. Advertisers are concerned with results only.

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