Boost your copywriter collective profile

Five things you can do in one hour

Are things quiet? Is the phone not ringing off the hook? Is your inbox filled with spam rather jobs? Here’s a quick update on some things we’ve been doing and some suggestions of things you can do to boost your own profile. With less than an hours work you can send your profile soaring to the top of the poppermost.
We now have three new websites online! and (To avoid duplicate content, your profile will appear on two websites at the most. Please please don’t start asking me to move them around ;) Each website is focused on a different market and with different keywords. We’re promoting each across the web in a multitude of ways, and all profiles equally. However you can make your profile stand out.

How to boost your Copywriter Collective profile?

1) Be shown first in organic search results

Have you linked to one of your profiles on your own website? It’s important to boost your profile. In the search results, the engines pick one profile to show first. The one with the most backlinks. So start pushing your profile and getting more work. ACTION: Put a link to your profile on your website, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter. (Time it takes: 10 minutes.)

2) Have quotes and recommendations on your profile

A few words from a satisfied client on your profile will make a big difference to whether you get hired for a job or not. Maybe you already have one on your own website. Add it to your Collective profile. ACTION: Ask a few clients for a quote for your profile. (10 minutes)

3) Write a blog post blog is really taking off. We’re posting weekly articles and promoting them across social media. They’re getting a great response but we need more articles. You can write about anything you like and include a Resource Box at the bottom and we’ll give you a backlink to your own website. ACTION: Write an article or repost one of your existing blog articles. Time: 30 minutes

4) Be featured in our monthly newsletter

Next month we need a financial copywriter to be our featured freelancer of the month. Then someone specialising in Brand Activation. Then… who knows. ACTION: Send us your suggestions for a monthly theme, say why you should be featured and write a blog article. 10 minutes.

5) Come along to our end-of-month drinks

Drink and network and drink. No one from Google will be there. Thank god. You can forget about SEO and get drunk. Friday 27th June @ Nel in Amsterdam. Time: No time at all, this is after work. Starts 6pm until the last one leaves.


Boost your copywriter collective profile
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