New Slogan for Berlin

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia. Nothing beats Queensland. Some cities have really catchy or memorable slogans while others fall flat. As copywriters, we all know the struggle of giving a product the proper statement and cities are no different. You want something that will stick in the consumer’s mind and keep your client top of mind. So here’s this month’s challenge: Give Berlin a new slogan. Be funny, be serious, be Berlin (their new slogan, by the way).

Copywriting competition is now closed, and the winner is…. Marijana!

This city hasn’t changed its slogan since the 90’s and we know you all have your own slogan for this German city. It’s time The Grey City had some color and knowing how creative you all are as writers, we’re looking forward to the results!

The prizeBerlin

The best slogan will be awarded a set of Berlin magnets to commemorate your historical contribution.

How to enter

Type your new Berlin slogan in the comments box below. We accept up to 5 entries per person.


We’ll be accepting entries until the 20th June.
We have a winner:


35 replies
  1. Peter Altschuler
    Peter Altschuler says:

    Berlin. We help you remember what we want to forget.
    Not really Germany. Just in it. Berlin.
    Berlin: the unexpected capital of [art/music/culture/history/sanity].
    Come to Berlin. It’s easier to say than Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
    Visit Berlin. Even Jews do.

  2. Laura L. Smith
    Laura L. Smith says:

    Berlin-It’s Just Better Here
    Beautiful Berlin-The Diverse Destination
    Berlin-Food, Culture, & Fun

  3. Edward Mitchell
    Edward Mitchell says:

    Berlin is everywhere
    Berlin, all in
    Meet the world in Berlin
    Berlin, the heart of Europe
    Berlin’s for everyone

  4. K.Whasky
    K.Whasky says:

    If you don’t really know the question, the answer might be Berlin.
    Don’t choose. Take both.

  5. Rohan Mukherjee
    Rohan Mukherjee says:

    Berlin : berry berry Berlin
    Berlin : Don’t stop looking
    Berlin : Dream, and arrive.
    Berlin : Your newfound home
    Berlin : Where I’m from

  6. Graeme Piper
    Graeme Piper says:

    Berlin – The moment you know, you know
    Berlin – Welcome to the Dschungel
    Berlin: an ideal world
    Berlin: a heartbeat

  7. Laura
    Laura says:

    I am Berlin, Ich bin Berlin! (N.B. if audio, the message should be said by two voices, one of a boy, and one of a girl)

  8. marmar
    marmar says:

    Feel the (heart)beat.
    Borders with insanity.
    The World Upside Down.
    Homeland of the World.
    Welcome to planet Berlin.

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