A website without a blog is like a body without a soul

An updated blog marks the pinnacle of engagement for your website. And with so many sites out there competing against each other, can you afford to manage a website without a blog?

Let’s take a look at some facts:

According to HubSpot:

  • Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links;
  • 92% of companies which blogged several times a day acquired a customer through their blog;
  • 46% of people read blogs more than once a day;
  • Most people read 5-10 blogs (and yours can easily be one of them).


A blog creates a lot of engagement and directs traffic to your website. However this happens only if the blog is:

  • Well-written;
  • Offering value to your clients.

Many companies are investing in an in-house content management team, or outsourcing their content marketing to ensure that they have a high quality blog.

Some may feel that this is a waste of money. I urge these firms not to make this mistake.

You may not see an immediate effect in your sales through your blog, but as content marketing continues to rise in importance, you will surely lose out in long-run if you leave your website blogless.

SEO benefits

It goes without saying that having a constantly updated blog helps your website SEO-wise. It increases your authority online, and you will also be sending a message to Google that your website is not just static, but alive and kicking.

A word of caution: whilst using keywords is important, you must be careful not to overstuff your blog posts with them. You must always bring your audience first by using the language that they understand and relate to. Remember, without readers and followers, your blogging efforts are fruitless.

Share your blog posts

Blogging is challenging as you have to think of something new to write on. But new content is always appreciated by the readers, especially when shared in popular social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

People are fed up with reading the same stories and advice over and over again. You have the chance of being the one who stands out thanks to your blog.

Encourage people to register to your blog

How do you do that?

By offering something—everyone likes freebies. Promising clients a free eBook or a discount on your service/product if they become members of your blog are all good tactics.

Winning loyalty

By constantly offering new analysis, tips and other kinds of value to your prospective clients, you will be embedding a sense of loyalty.

After all, you are the person that is giving out valuable free advice, which is helping your clients improve their own product/service. This is where the power of reciprocity comes in.

Avid readers of your blog would feel it is only right to repay back your act of ‘kindness’ by buying from you.

Now, as explained earlier, this does not happen immediately. But it is the best kind of sale you can make, as you wouldn’t have only won a new client, but his loyalty as well.


Yes, you might be saying, a blog would definitely help my website, but I do not have the time, or I am not sure where to start.

Like anything else, you need to invest in blogging to make the impact you desire.

At Power Your Words we offer blog writing services and advice on how to make your current blog more engaging. Send us an email on for more information.


About the author: Luca Caruana

As the firm’s founder and SEO Copywriter, Luca assists firms to make their websites more attractive through search engine optimisation, which not only attracts visitors, but also converts them into clients. Luca also enhances his clients’ online presence through an effective SEO strategy and Social Media Marketing. For more information click on<

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