5 Must-Haves of A Good SEO Agency

SEO increases a modern business’s website visibility, rankings, web traffic, authority, and visitor experience. These aspects will improve a company’s brand awareness and purchase intention. Since SEO is becoming a must in today’s digital age, it’s becoming more accessible to learn SEO and link-building strategies online. While they can be applied on a DIY basis, it’s still much better to outsource SEO to the professionals. In this way, business owners can focus on the core tasks of their company. The problem is, with the number of emerging SEO companies, looking for the best SEO agency that can effectively boost online presence can be a daunting task. But we’ve got you covered! Here are five must-have qualities of a good SEO agency.

Awards and Nominations

Prestigious awards and nominations are reliable indicators of an SEO company’s worthwhile efforts and hard work, regardless of the niche. Hence, if you’re looking for an SEO company but don’t know how to pick one, consider checking whether an agency’s efforts have ever been applauded. Then, opt for an award-winning SEO company.

Take Award-Winning Sydney SEO Agency – Impressive as an example. Last 2022, they were among the winners of the APAC Search Awards, accredited by The Independent Awards Standards Council – Awards Trust Mark. This reward showcases Impressive innovative thinking, technological creativity, and future-proof benchmarking, enabling them to be widely recognized in the industry.

If you want to learn from them, you can master the art of SEO with this comprehensive guide.

Good Reputation

In addition to getting recognized by critics and experts, having a good reputation makes an SEO company trustworthy. Previous and current clients’ experiences can always tell you about an SEO agency’s strengths, weaknesses, strategies, and reporting processes. The more positive the feedback is, the more reliable the company is.

What’s more, getting insight into a client experience with an SEO agency isn’t hard. All you have to do is search online resources, such as blog discussions, forums, review websites, or the SEO company’s website. Plus, the contact information for current customers is really big. It’s easy to reach out and vet three to five current customers of an SEO company.

Gather comments, feedback, and grievances on an SEO company’s services as much as possible. This information can help you narrow down your options, spend more time on an SEO provider that checks off your requirements, and eventually end up with the best SEO agency.

Realistic Results

No good and professional SEO agency will outright promise your business to be on the #1 spot on Google search results. If you encounter a company that does this, they’re probably full of themselves, incredibly inexperienced, or trying to rip you off. Avoid them at all costs.

However, this isn’t to say an SEO company shouldn’t guarantee you anything and point to key deliverables. They’ll honestly illustrate what services they can offer you, usually in writing, and ensure the results they suggest are realistic.

Here are some good SEO deliverables and services to keep an eye out for:

  • Improved visibility in SERPs;
  • Increased website traffic and brand awareness;
  • More backlinks and referring domains;
  • Higher domain authority;
  • Improved SEO and conversions through link profile audit;
  • Improved SEO efforts with monthly SEO reports;
  • Optimized metadata by adding SEO plugins;
  • Internal linking implementation to maximize SEO results; and
  • Maintain rankings through SEO and website maintenance

What makes an SEO agency really good is when they specify the services it can offer and ensure realistic results, usually by providing regular updates and reports. These qualities usually prove their expertise, professionalism, and worthiness.

 become-an-seo-master-with-this-comprehensive-guideGuaranteed and Fulfilled Performance Metrics

Besides regular updates and reports to ensure realistic results, reputable SEO agencies would also set realistic metrics. These ensure that they and your business can achieve your SEO goals within a realistic timeframe and budget.

For these realistic metrics, SEO companies would request several meetings with you. They will discuss with you your SEO goals, expected timeframe, and the budget you have to implement the campaign.

Once they hear your side, they’ll suggest ideal digital marketing strategies advantageous for your company and develop realistic plans to implement them. Each marketing style is also drafted with timeframes and budgets so that you can tell their differences.

Note that a good and reliable SEO agency won’t start any SEO project without hearing your needs, preferences, and approval beforehand. And even after deciding the metrics with you, they’ll include all of them in the contract for your perusal.


One of the most essential qualities of a professional SEO agency is being highly responsive. They’ll have a variety of contact methods, ensuring they can get in touch, follow up, and check in with their clients as soon as possible.

An SEO company’s responsiveness should also be consistent. It shouldn’t only be during the sales and onboarding process but throughout the entire business deal. If an agency is already hard to contact up front, expect them to be the same after you become a paying client.

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What’s in a Good SEO Agency?

Never undermine the power of a good SEO agency’s willingness to offer excellent results to their clients. If you’re unsure which SEO company to choose due to a huge number of similar companies offering similar services, note these five characteristics: awards and nominations, good reputation, realistic results, guaranteed and fulfilled performance tasks, and responsiveness.