15 Minutes To Get More LinkedIn Blog Views

When creating blog posts on LinkedIn first became possible, it was easy to get your blog posts seen on the site. However, as more people use this feature, it has become harder to stand out and get people to view your content.

In this article, we will cover three simple things you can do to get more views to your LinkedIn posts. Please keep in mind that employing these strategies might not work overnight; however, as you write regularly and create a stable following, you might see your numbers increasing.

So to get started, try these three simple steps:

Write for the reader

In order to get a following on LinkedIn, the content you present should be immediately useful to the audience you are trying to capture. To do this, you need to first identify your audience and what type of content they would really appreciate. Your goal as a writer is to prove your skills by providing as much valuable information as possible.

Ignore the urge to make a sale or to promote yourself. Trust the intelligence of the reader to get in contact with you if they are looking for someone with your skills and be confident enough to not be pushy. You might lose a conversion or two, but you are not looking for small wins; you are looking for long-term relationships. Make it your mantra to provide value—always.

Share on social media

After you have written your article, have a plan for where you are going to share it. It will, of course, be published as an update to your LinkedIn network, but you should challenge yourself to go beyond that. Once you have published your article, automatically share it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and any other social media network you have available.

If you are methodical, you can also regularly share your material on LinkedIn groups. Just make sure that the content you are providing is relevant to the main subject matter of the group. Over time, you might want to go back and reshare older content with one group each day. You should focus on one group at a time so that you do not come across as being overly spammy.

Ask readers to pay it forward

This is very simple, but highly effective. At the end of your blog post, ask readers who like your post to pay it forward by sharing it with their network. Studies in psychology have shown that people have a natural reflex for wanting to give back. So if you have provided something which your readers deem valuable, allow them the opportunity to return the favor.

I have experimented with different types of wording for what might work best for LinkedIn and have found that the wording at the end of this article consistently results in a 5–10 percent social-action-to-view ratio. This works out to be 5–10 shares, likes or comments per 100 views. You might like to experiment to see if you get better results.

Your challenge for the next 15 minutes

Do one activity for each of the above headers:

  • Identify your target audience and what type of content they want.
  • Set up a short plan detailing which social media channels you want to share to.
  • Create a short “call to sharing” which you can use at the end of each article.

You might like to set this up as a draft post in LinkedIn, which can later evolve into your own LinkedIn action plan.


About the author: Bjarne Viken

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