The 10 advantages of a specialised freelance copywriter

Each sector has its own culture, codes and language. Within that, each product or service has its own vocabulary. If you need materials for communication or content, it is nice to have copywriters who know what they’re talking about. Understanding is just one of the many advantages of working with a specialised freelance copywriter.

An NGO copywriter who knows how to get to the heart of the message

Just like people have various characters, copywriters have various specialisations. From hard-hitting sales scripts to empathetic feel-good copy. If you work for an NGO or charity, for example, you probably think it’s important that a freelance copywriter can write about your purpose. Or write texts that are an extension of that purpose. Copywriters who specialise in this sector get right to the heart of your target group.

An e-commerce copywriter for surprising content

The great thing about a specialised freelance copywriter is that they combine in-depth sector knowledge with a fresh look at your business. Whereas in-house copywriter, who inevitably loses that all-important fresh perspective after a while.

Because a freelance copywriter has several clients and is not stuck between the same four office walls every day, you as a client are guaranteed original content.

That is what your clients want and Google loves it too.

So your position in the search engines is top-notch. Because SEO is second nature to any experienced copywriter. Their authentic and relevant copy generates traffic on your site or online shop. Not surprisingly, this is reflected in your sales figures.

A finance copywriter who matches the words to your figures

We all know that figures alone never tell the whole story. Moreover, they are hardly ever convincing, because people are simply more emotional than they like to admit.

Therefore, copy in the finance sector requires the words of a specialised copywriter. Someone who understands numbers and can provide context to go with them. A professional who understands the story behind the figures and can summarise it clearly. In short, a specialised freelance copywriter who can give figures a soul and bring them to life.

The right words give your brand the power it needs

Specialised freelance copywriter in the energy market give your copy power

Within the energy sector, companies do not differ that much from each other on an instrumental level. Moreover, customers are not always interested in delving deeper into what they have to offer.

So the texts and images have to do the work. The right words give your brand the power it needs. Whether on the website, on social media or in a TV spot. And whether your target group is made up of consumers or businesses.

Travel copywriters who make you feel like you’re already at your destination

Just as you discover new worlds on a journey, a specialist travel copywriter will help you discover things in a company you thought you knew inside out.

Because that’s the great thing about freelance copywriters: they have a broad and original perspective on your product or service. Because they work for many different brands, they get inspired in many different ways. And as the client, you benefit from that inspiration.

Specialised freelance copywriters feel at home with the subject matter

Employer branding copywriters who are as flexible as flex workers

Selling a job or career is a profession in itself. And the number of vacancies can fluctuate considerably. That’s why it’s great to have a freelance copywriter under your thumb who knows the sector well. They are quickly at home with the subject matter and can deliver immediately.

Scaling up and down becomes very easy this way. Need a copywriter for a day? Need an army of employer branding experts for the HR department of a multinational? Thanks to the freelance text experts, it’s all possible.

Technical writers who make sure you have time to spare

By outsourcing your writing to a reliable freelance technical writer, you and your team have time to do what they do best. You only have to review and adjust. That saves you a lot of valuable time.

Fashion and cosmetic copywriters with an eye for the beauty of language

Perhaps one of the trickiest sectors to write for. Because fashion, beauty and cosmetics are mainly about feelings. And just try to capture that feeling in words. The freelance fashion and cosmetics experts can do it.

Retail copywriters who make the cash register ring

Freelance copywriters who have chosen retail or e-commerce as their specialisation are perhaps the most performance-oriented. After all, the (digital) cash register never lies. You’ll know tomorrow if what you write today works. Nudging your customers through the funnel is what these copywriters are all about. Producing and optimising is their sport.

Medical copywriters with the recipe for success

Another advantage of specialised freelance copywriters: because they know your sector inside out, they also know exactly who your competitors are. Your copywriter knows all the pros and cons of every brand in the sector. That way he or she knows how you can stand out from the rest, and what your recipe for success is.

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