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Copywriter of the week : Victor Silvis

Victor Silvis – Dutch copywriter in AmsterdamI started as a junior copywriter at JWT and worked there for ten years and during which time I gained experience with big brands like Heineken, Shell and BMW. After that, I was creative director…

Copywriter of the week : Harm van de Kuil

Hi Everyone. My name is Harm van de Kuil. I have been a copywriter my entire life but only became a professional in 1996. After graduating from the Rotterdam Art Academy (W. De Kooning), my career started at a real promotion agency. After…

Copywriter of the week : Robert den Bremer

Pleasant to meet: the atypical advertising man. It’s a bit strange when you meet copywriter Robert den Bremer. If you know his work, you expect an extravagant flamboyant advertising man who tells you how the world works. The reality is…

Copywriter of the week : Joost Hanraets

How did you become a freelance copywriter?  Well, there are many roads that lead to Rome - or actually to Amsterdam in this case. Yet there are a number of golden rules that help you become a freelance copywriter. Here are a few…

Copywriter of the week : Cira Lopez

Cira López, freelancer and founding partner of UNTOBeing born and living in Barcelona, the most beautiful city in the world is a privilege. Well, except for the prices of rentals, the mass tourism and the number of dogs per inhabitant…

Is your business tragedy-proof?

Last week, the inconceivable happened to a copywriter colleague of mine when her husband suddenly and unexpectedly died. So instead of spending her week finalising client copy, chauffeuring her kids around town and writing her next YA novel,…

9 Reasons Why A Blog is Important for Your Career and Life

The word “blog” sounds dull to me.There is no resonating romance, and trying to attach passion to it is a struggle. I see visions of over-sharers wrestling with technology to publish the mundane details of their everyday lives… but…

Stop Craving the 8-Hour Work Week

When did working hard start going out of style? We feel sorry for those people who bust their butts, putting the extra time and extra mile to set themselves apart. Sure, there’s plenty to say about abusive work environments, but that’s not…