What kind of copywriter are you?

Whether you work freelance or for an agency, there are several different guises that we copywriters come in. 1. Business to consumer (b-to-c) copywriter This kind of copywriter is the type you’d see in movies, the wild and wacky guy (invariably…

Miriam Freelance Copywriter

Freelance copywriters – they’re everywhere. Or so the internet would have you believe. But there’s a world of difference between people willing to string a few sentences together for money and those whose writing is the product of a whole…
Freelance copywriting does it make you happy

Freelance copywriting: does it make you happy?

It seems like the dream, doesn’t it? Quitting your day job to write full time? What could be better than that? Well, for one thing, a regular, guaranteed pay check. But you get to employ your skills, while sitting at home, in your pyjamas.…
Not the normal tips for being a freelance copywriter

Not the normal tips for being a freelance copywriter

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Maybe it’s the economy but there’s been a lot more interest in the idea of making money as a freelance copywriter over the last year or so. While being a successful freelancer isn’t something you can learn completely from a €5 ebook,…
Not the normal tips for being a freelance copywriter

10 years with the best English copywriters

The Collective is proud to announce that we have now reached our 10th anniversary. We started out exclusively representing the best English copywriters, but as we grew internationally, so did our nationalities. Now we boast 110 of the best creative…