After 10 years in Holland, we’re finally the Dutch Copywriter Collective

That's right, after 10 years operating in the Netherlands we finally have a new Dutch language website. We began life in Amsterdam representing English copywriters in the Netherlands, then across Europe. And not soon after we added Dutch copywriters…

SEO copywriting tips. Or: how to build a website that doesn’t bounce

If you're a freelance copywriter, art director or designer, your website is your shop. The more people that walk past the better. But you really want people to come in the shop, and walk to the back of the shop where the register is. That means…

SEO advice for copywriters – What every freelancer should know before hiring an SEO

As you probably know, hiring a SEO company or specialist to optimize your website can be a difficult and nerve wracking experience. There are 1000s out there and how do you pick one? How can you be sure they're going to do a job? Now you know…

5 SEO essentials for your website

Before you start different SEO services and techniques, check five SEO essentials on your website right now. Record your ranking in these categories - just as you would measure your weight before you start a diet - and see whether they go up…

What are the 4 most common SEO mistakes?

Designers are supposed to be communication experts, but as with the mechanic’s car and the gardener’s garden, their own websites and Google ranking often leaves a lot to be desired. Paul Robbins, a SEO specialist at Inbound Interactive in…

New freelancers join

New freelancers join: Here are the new freelancers to have joined The Collective in June. Bas van der Paardt – Dutch Art Director With 21 international awards and two creative directorships under his belt, Bas is an experienced pair of…

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