Email marketing: It’s our duty to practice what we preach

A confession… I claim to offer 'top of the funnel content', and yet I've failed miserably at the first hurdle because I don't currently offer email marketing. Why? Because I hate email marketing. It's my dirty little secret - but…

Writing sales emails: dos and don’ts

Have you just begun writing emails? Do you want to feel confident when emailing a client? Don't worry! Here are the 10 tips for writing sales emails: DO 1. Focus on a single sales message Have a very clear purpose before you even begin.…

How to write an email newsletter: Top 10 tips for writing a newsletter people open and read

I'm often asked how to write an email newsletter. What's the secret? they ask. The main thing I’ve learnt from my time writing email newsletters is that not many people open email newsletters. Fewer still actually read them. This might be…