Round-table discussion or charity work

Dear freelancers, we have narrowed our anniversary celebration ideas down to two… we could do one or both depending on you. What are your thoughts? Would you participate in either? OPTION A: Round-table discussion  Fraser suggested a round-table event at De Kring in Amsterdam to…

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10 years with the best English copywriters

The Collective is proud to announce that we have now reached our 10th anniversary. We started out exclusively representing the best English copywriters, but as we grew internationally, so did our nationalities. Now we boast 110 of the best creative freelancers from across Europe… copywriters,…

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New freelancers join

New freelancers join: Here are the new freelancers to have joined The Collective in June. Bas van der Paardt – Dutch Art Director With 21 international awards and two creative directorships under his belt, Bas is an experienced pair of hands for even the most…

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