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Looking for a copywriter in Amsterdam? You've come to the right place. Our stable of freelance copywriters are all thoroughbreds. Each one has worked in ad agencies and chalked up their 10,000 hours of copywriting. They’ve all been freelance for many years and have worked internationally. We also have specialists in different media and in different industries, so they don’t have to learn on the job. Fill in the form now for a quote. Or find out more below.  

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So you’re looking for an experienced freelance copywriter in Amsterdam. You want someone with knowledge of your industry. Someone who’s extremely creative, and easy to work with. And you want them onsite in Amsterdam. You’re in luck. That’s what Copywriter Collective specialises in. We represent only the very best freelance copywriters already living in Amsterdam. Copywriters who’ve worked for the best advertising agencies on the biggest brands.

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We’re used to dealing with last minute requests. If you want a freelance copywriter in to start work at your Amsterdam office at 9am tomorrow then we can make it happen. Within the hour, we can send you the portfolios of not one but many talented freelance copywriters to choose from, tailored to the specific level of experience you require.

International copywriters in Amsterdam

What kind of copywriters do we offer? English and Dutch copywriters are most commonly requested in Amsterdam, but we also offer French, German and other nationalities. As well as art directors and creatives. We don’t simply get asked to write websites and brochures, we also come up with high-level concept work, branding and TV campaigns. Copywriter Collective: Freelance copywriters in Amsterdam and beyond We are one of the world’s biggest agencies for copywriters. As well as an office in Amsterdam, we also have offices and ambassadors and freelancers all around the world. Take a coffee and take a look at some other portfolios now. Or, give Sandra a call on +31 (0)20 320 5319 or email and let her give you some suggestions of writers who will meet and go beyond your standards.