Hello, I’m Will , Senior English Copywriter

I’m British and I live in London, United Kingdom

So, you clicked on me.  Or may be you’re a bit swish and you gave me a friendly tap instead on your iPad. Or, your finger slipped and you wanted to give the talented writer next to me the job.

But, before you give them a gig, scroll down and watch a few of my ads.

On almost no budget, ‘The Green Light District’ for sex worker charity One25 earned BBC news coverage and was on the front page of Campaign.

I became a world record breaking writer by moving NatWest rugby into the world of extreme sports during the Rugby World Cup. ‘The Flying Winger’ was Creativity’s Ad of the Day.

I morphed into a cheese artist and worked with the set designers from the Game of Thrones for my Branston TV ad. If you’re a fan of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, you’ll be a fan of Branston cheese mountain.

Watching the games at Euro 2016 – yes sometimes from the pub –  I turned live billboards into Sun newspaper headlines in the biggest outdoor campaign in British history. The public loved it and the juries did too with a Grand Prix win at the Drum Awards, as well as 2 Silver and 2 bronze Creative Circle awards.

Whilst working at some of London’s top ad agencies in the last six years, I have helped my employers win 40 million pounds worth of business. I’m not just a writer, I’m a strategic thinker. If I wasn’t a creative, I would probably be a planner.