Hello, I’m Simon, creative writer and skilled strategist

I’m British and I live in London, United Kingdom

My job is to make you look good. To write copy that people want to read, create ads that get you noticed, or develop distinctive voices that allow you to stand out.

Over the years I’ve got pretty good at it. But you’d expect me to say something like that, so here’s what others have to say.

“giffgaff was never going to be like any other mobile network. Success was dependent on us being, free, original, decisive even. In Simon we found a kindred spirit, someone who understood what we needed and capable of delivering it.”

Steve R. James, giffgaff, Marketing Director

“Simon is always a joy to work with – one of those creatives who can quickly grasp a brand world or an idea and add to it in an intelligent and inspirational way. “

Gary Robinson, London ECD

 “I don’t think he realises just how smart he really is. Mind you, if he did, he would be unbearable.”

Anita Roddick DBE, Founder, The Body Shop

“Simon has helped create brand positions and brand personalities for Sky and our individual channels. As well as creating a tone of voice and language that helped strengthen our relationship with our customers.”

Victoria Franks, Brand Marketing, Sky

“Working with Simon is always stimulating, surprising and fun. His intuitive understanding of brands and how they should sound and act coupled with his enthusiasm to deliver makes working with him refreshing.”

Jamal Benmiloud, Head of Marketing Innovation, Red Bull