Hello, I’m Sarah, an English copywriter

I live in London , United Kingdom.

I’m a Creative copywriter

I love copy, and it seems to like me too. I’ve been writing professionally for 18 years as a journalist and copywriter, in print and online, at length and in short, on posters and across double-page spreads. I’ve even written for hatstands and stairwells at Channel 4. I’ve created marathon social campaigns for the charity Anthony Nolan, and been Sky’s official voice of the massive show Glee on Twitter. I’ve named credit cards and Barbican seasons, and come up with 12 profoundly useless things for a corporate calendar. I’m deadly serious about my work, especially when it’s gravely silly. Give me a tone and I’ll lift it – or lower it, as required. Thanks for looking at my profile: it’s nice, no?