Hello, I’m Oscar, Bilingual creative copywriter

I’m Spanish and I live in Barcelona, Spain.

I am an award-winning Spanish copywriter and a creative director who has not stopped even for a minute since I started my career as a Madrid copywriter in advertising. That’s why I have wide experience and versatility to work on all types of accounts/brands/agencies, no matter how big or small they are, with seniority enough to manage, coordinate and oversee any project if necessary and a strong strategic-creative focus. You can count on me to do multi-channel campaigns, direct marketing pieces, concepts, slogans, creation of content, pitches, event director, creative direction, transcreations… just name it. There’s no challenge too big or too small. All that and much more is what I’ve been doing over more than 20 years in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Chicago, or Edinburgh. Professional, kind and easy-to-work-with person.