Hello, I’m Olsi, an Albanian copywriter

I live in Tirana, Albania.

In my experience I think I was lucky enough to have worked for all mobile operators in Albania(Vodafone Albania, AMC – Albanian Mobile Communications, Plus Communication and Albtelecom/Eagle Mobile. Mainly AMC and Albtelecom/Eagle Mobile

As well as automotive Porsche Albania, Volkswagen, Carrefour, TEG-Tirana East Gate(the biggest commercial center in Albania) just to name a few.

Among the media I produced it’s worth mentioning
TV Commercials, Radio Commercials, Outdoor, print, direct mail, ambient, guerrilla.

I worked in 6 distinguished advertising agencies and I believe I have built a strong and successful experience in graphic design, art direction, creative direction, copywriting.

I like to consider myself as a marathon runner in this long and challenging runway called advertising. You never know what tomorrow brings, but you need to be prepared to face the music, be it classical or hard core.

Technology is opening new and unexplored ways and means of communicating which is really great because you can communicate your advertising message right away, in just a click and yet the smell of a fresh printed poster that decorates your city and makes the people turn their heads it’s not that old fashioned.

I always try to bring something fresh and new.

Spice it up.