Hello, I’m Mike, an English copywriter

I’m British and I live in Cardiff, UK.

I’m a Senior copywriter

‘Will it work?’
Of the countless meetings at various ad agencies I’ve worked at, that was a question I vividly
remember being asked by a junior marketing exec when a very expensive campaign I was heavily
involved in for a building society was about to go into production.
Much umming and erring and uncomfortable shifting in seats of the agency on one side of the table
Of course, nobody said no. Nor could anyone definitively say yes, because the bluster and magic
bullet claims that agencies excel in do not guarantee success.
There’s no certainty anything will work, but I believe the closest we can get is by having…
1. A whopper of an idea, underpinned by potent, persuasive words across all channels
2. A strong instinct for what will succeed
3. A track record of producing work that has accomplished all and more that was hoped for

I tick each of those boxes. I know that sounds awfully smug, but I can point to many incredibly
successful campaigns I’ve been behind.
I’ve won awards, which is nice, but I’m far more pleased by winning over the people my work is
aimed at.
And after all, the reason you’re on this site is because you’re looking for someone who can lay claim
to a vast body of work that has performed at least as expected, and repeatedly achieved above
those expectations.