Hello, I’m Martin, English copywriter

I’m British and I live in London, United Kingdom.

Right now I work across four main areas. Firstly, I’m a creative copywriter and content producer focused on digital channels. I’ve more than 7 years experience creating and planning copy for web, print, and social media, newsletters, press releases, ads, blog posts, marketing campaigns and more. I work on content strategy and planning across digital content in all mediums – most recently I created VisitBritain’s video strategy. I also produce and direct video content – over the last two years I’ve created a series of short immersive travel films for VisitBritain called ShowMeBritain. Finally, I work on community management, content creation and planning for social media across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube and Pinterest. Much of my recent work has surrounded digital marketing for VisitBritain. I create a lot of copy and social activity for its partners, which include British Airways, P&O Ferries, Hostelworld.com, Etihad and Expedia. In my spare time I write freelance for a number of publications/magazines, including Kultureflash (music), Notion Magazine (pop culture), Fiasco Magazine (fashion). I also write travel articles for The Thousands’​ new London edition. Beyond the work stuff, I’m a Contributing Editor at online magazine Minor Literatures. For fun I teach drums and wing chun kung fu.