Hello, I’m Kindra, an American copywriter

I live in Los Angeles, United States.

I’m an Executive Creative Director

I’ve built entire creative departments, led inter-agency cross-functional teams (I can feel you seething w jealousy), won over 50 million in new biz, nabbed some awards, generated billions of impressions, broke a few world records, toured knee deep in the hoopla with Jefferson Starship and was once hit on by Cher. But my favorite part of the job is still helping clients turn consumers into genuine fans.

As an outspoken queer woman (Bi Boss Barbie at your service) I’ve always brought my whole self to work, and am a staunch advocate for diversity and equity, donating my time to DoTheWerq, SheSays and the Gail Awards. I have fundraised hundreds of thousands for social justice organizations such as the NAACP, ACLU, and Planned Parenthood and am co-founder of She Stacks, a women’s financial empowerment company hell bent on closing the confidence gap between women and wealth.

I live by the motto when you DO GOOD, you FEEL GOOD. So let’s do some good together.