Hello, I’m Joanna, an English copywriter

I live in Mexico City, Mexico.

I’m a senior copywriter with over five years of experience creating engaging, informative, and high-converting B2B copy – predominantly for SaaS and Tech businesses.

I’m a highly experienced native English writer who excels in creating engaging, informative, and high-converting B2B copy for SaaS and Tech businesses.

I’ve worked with many well-known companies, including 6 months with dentsu Media and projects with Intuit, Deliveroo, NordVPN, YunoJuno, and more.

I’ve written professionally for over five years. During this time, I’ve created a wide range of well-received written content – everything from SEO-optimized articles to newsletters, case studies, white papers, eBooks, thought leadership content, tone of voice guidelines, and web copy. I’ve also recently been working on technical writing projects, including user guides, UX copywriting, and global internal communications projects.

I’ve worked extensively with agencies and directly with businesses. And as my clients range from bootstrapped start-ups to corporate companies with turnovers above $5bn, I’m used to working within strict brand guidelines and with remote creative teams worldwide and can adapt to any working style.