Hello, I’m Jason, an English copywriter

I live in Toronto, Canada

Intrepid storyteller, innovator, ideation catalyst, brand alchemist. I like to push the envelope, engineering crisp lines that take flight and make people think, smile and laugh.

Hey there! I’m a senior copywriter with over 15 years of experience writing for Consumer Brands, B2B, Pharma, Email / Newsletters, Direct Response, PR and Social. I write with passion, precision, power, grace and unrivalled excellence.

Short copy. Long. Big brands. Small. Persuasive copy, content marketing, digital, print, broadcast and strategic PR / journalism. With heart, humour, pathos and surprise. An award-winning screenwriter (and director) to boot—I’m a born storyteller, wordsmith and classically educated grammatical pedant, lol. The vocabulary of a librarian with the feel for idiom and cadence of a jazz musician. A sixth sense for syntax and the wordplay instincts of a gourmet chef. An ear for dialogue like no other. All wrapped up in an inventor’s gift for endless ideas and possibilities.

Honours English Literature (McGill). MFA in writing (UCLA-unfinished). English Teaching Certificate (Cambridge). Frankly few do language like I do. No one’s faster, smarter, better; more researched, studied or fun. On brand. On time

On… another level.  I’m responsive, communicative, iterative and resilient. Other people’s notes incubate and catalyze growth. With a superlative attention to detail, my work ethic crushes it. Let me help take your messaging needs to the level and audience they deserve.