Hello, I’m Theresa, an English copywriter

I live in Vienna, Austria.

Hi there! I’m Theresa – a bilingual, bi-culutral copywriter from England living in Vienna. I specialise in helping German-speaking or European-based businesses win international clients.

My work as a copywriter is strongly defined by my bilingual, dual-heritage background. Being half British and half Austrian, I speak both English and German fluently. I grew up and studied in England, then took advantage of my Austrian passport to relocate to the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. After leading Marketing and Sales teams at medium-sized businesses, I realised how vital English is for companies wanting to attract a wide range of clients.

That’s why I specialise in producing high-quality English texts for German speaking and/or European-based businesses who want to win international clients.

My written work includes website landing pages, product descriptions, website content pages, social media content, branding guidelines, email communications, blog posts, and marketing materials.
I aim to provide businesses who want to attract a high-end, exclusive clientele with English texts which will impress even the most discerning of audiences.