Hello, I’m Francesca, Italian copywriter

I’m Italian and I live in Milan, Italy

Francesca was born in a small Italian fishermen’s village called Camogli in 1981. Despite her deep love for the sea, she decided not to become a fisherwoman cause she loved words more. At 15 she discovered a new one: copywriter. A word she never left. So she went to London to study and then she moved to Milan in 2004 to join the industry.

Innovative and passionate talent with 15+ years experience in creating
concepts and stories to promote brands and engage consumers in active conversations, translating marketing objectives into creative strategies;
advertising, brand architecture and business.
Consistent history of success in crafting process, marketing, copywriting,
storytelling, and developing brand for famous trademarks, including ebay,
Current TV, PayPal, easyJet and many more. Recognised for bolstering
creativity while ensuring successful outcomes through research, strategic
creative concept development, curating document, and developing high
quality brands’ creative campaigns and sponsored initiatives.