Hello, I’m Shuji, a Japanese copywriter

I live in Tokyo, Japan.

One of the few Japanese in the Copywriter Collective. Strategy oriented. Western style strategy leads to edgy Japanese copy.

A deep understanding of target insight. Rich experience with global brands.

I am interested in communication about the health of elderly people. Because reducing elderly medical expenses is important to leave wealth for the future of young people. I would like to contribute to the sustainability of society. I also want to work on the categories of bicycles and motorcycles, which is categories that can reflect my passion. And I am good in the FMCG category.

I am a motorcyclist and a cyclist. I love the imperfections of bikes. I have to keep running not to let the bikes fall. I also love people because they are not perfect. For example, people know that they should take action for health, what they actually do is find reasons for not taking action. Everyone has unique imperfections. That’s why copywriters work. It is very interesting to know people’s irrationality. Hints for writing copies are often there.