Hello, I’m Ryan, an American copywriter

I live in Portland, Oregon, United States

I’m a Creative Director specialising in Video Games

I’m a seasoned Senior Copywriter and relatively fresh Creative Director with 10+ years experience specializing in advertising for the Video Game industry.

Gamers are one of the most active and reactive audiences on Earth. I’ve successfully introduced them to brand new games (Destiny, WILD HEARTS) and reignited their interest in beloved franchises (Destiny DLC, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, SkyLanders, Call of Duty)

I love coming up with big, attention-grabbing ideas based around clear, relatable takes on new and legacy IP that will bring even non-gamers in for a closer look. When I’m not working in gaming, I still like to emphasize creative concepts and entertainment value for all my clients (Target, adidas, Starbucks, Facebook, YouTube, Quibi (RIP). I love getting excited about a new project and sharing credit and control with my collaborators.

I have been trusted with writing words that have come out of Disney’s characters, DC’s superheroes, game protagonists from Bungie and BioWare, Lenny Kravitz, James Franco and Danny McBride. I can be trusted to bring the voice of your project to life.