Hello, I’m Paul, an English Copywriter

I live in Denver, Colorado, United States

I’m a senior copywriter with extensive experience in entertainment advertising, food & drink and leisure. I assure you I’ll get your product or service noticed.

I think I was nine years old when I knew I wanted to be in advertising. And I have been for my entire career. I’m a lover of the masters of this craft (Bernbach, Abbott, Hegarty, Bogusky, Trott, French) and I firmly believe that your advertising has to get noticed. The sad fact is, over 90% of ads go unnoticed. I deliver in the other 10%.

You need impact and that’s what you’ll get. And as I have split my career between two countries (England, where I was born and raised, and the US), I know exactly how to communicate to both audiences (because they really are two nations separated by a common language).