Hello, I’m Alex, an American Copywriter

I live in New York, USA

Alex is a multidisciplinary creative director and copywriter with over 10 years of experience advertising and building brands big and small.

“I’m a NY-based copywriter, creative director, and brand consultant. I work with brands big and small. I write for all media: TV, web, OOH, social, t-shirts, whatever. I can develop your brand voice. Craft your big platform idea. Write your commercials, IG posts, or internal ra-ra sizzle.

My dream projects are fun. Funny. Humorous. Imaginative. I have a real soft spot for clients that have something positive to contribute and/or provocative to say. (Patagonia, hi.) 

Whether you’re an ad agency, CMO, or start-up just taking off, hit me up if you want a creative partner who will give you options you’d be proud to present to your client/boss.”