Hello, I’m Norma, an American copywriter

I’m a Bilingual Multicultural Copywriter

15+ years of experience as a Sr. bilingual/bicultural copywriter, specializing in the US Hispanic market. I have worked in-house at large ad firms in NYC, and as a remote freelancer with big brands, small firms, non-profits, governments, digital space, and much more.

I am a copywriter in Spanish and English but I have specialized in the US Hispanic market because I love the language and the culture, and the challenges it provides. Hispanic advertising and marketing require that you convey a message that is often drafted in English first. This means that you have to dig into the nuances of how to say something that, at first, might not make sense, but therein lies the challenge. The Hispanic market is complicated, diverse, and huge. Whether I’m tasked with projects in the digital world, video scripts, politics, or with top brands, I always know when I’ve hit the mark, and that’s great for everyone involved.