Hello, I’m Nadja, a German copywriter

I live in Munich, Germany.

I have worked internationally all my career. Including on location, e.g. in Paris, Prague or Eindhoven.

As a girl from Generation X, I love brands and believe they have their own personalities which should touch the consumer’s heart. I have over 25 years of experience as a copywriter in Germany, writing ads, advertorials, brochures, TVCs and other creative copy for brands such as Audi, BENTELER, Heineken, MAGGI, Spin Master and many others.

I understand tasks quickly and promptly develop concepts and copies that are to the point – even for more complex topics. I’m passionate about developing creative concepts and copy that the readers can readily understand: fresh, “talkative” and entertaining. I hate buzzwords and blahblah. I’m curious (not because I grew up in Swabia), keen to experiment and like to crack hard nuts (figuratively speaking, of course).