Hello, I’m Mohamed, an Arabic copywriter

I’m Egyptian and I live in Dubai, UAE.

A seasoned creative Arabic Copy Director, Content Lead and strategic thinker with a knack for stunning words. I am empowered to solve problems and turn them into opportunities with innovative efficiency. Proven ability to use exceptional writing skills, with the right cultural insight and seamless creative adaptations. A demonstrated track record of successfully fostering positive relationships with clients and always turning in high-quality work on or prior to the deadline. Ultra-fast turnover of work that often proves priceless at hectic times. Ability to write in different dialects, including Egyptian, Saudi, Emirati and plain Khaleeji, in addition to modern classical Arabic. Excellent ability to neutralize linguistic and conceptual ambiguities resulting from their trans-cultural nature.

My creative and linguistic abilities span 15+ years, and I have demonstrated an ability to integrate strategic thinking, creative writing, conceiving, design and production with a thorough grasp of channel planning anchored in the region’s cultural subtleties, spanning the MENA region. My passion is assisting brands in connecting with customers, ensuring brand quality across all touch points, from product to communications and achieving business success.

Additionally, I am a solution seeker and an action taker. I also enjoy collaborating with people from diverse experiences and skills to solve brand issues. When required, I am always willing to roll up my sleeves. I believe in being truthful and developing trust in order to grow a business and manage a team. I like continuing to learn and assisting others in developing their professions. I am fascinated (and sometimes scared) by how rapidly our world changes and how businesses must adapt in order to survive and thrive.

Other than that, my other half is a scriptwriter, songwriter, poet and short-story writer.

Specialties include:
• UX/ UI writing and naming
• Content strategy
• ATL, BTL, digital and activation
• Through-the-line campaigns
• Creative conceptualization
• Website creation or redevelopment, content creation, brochures, catalogues, flyers and press releases
• Pitch presentations
• Regional relevance