Hello, I’m Shaymaa, Arabic copywriter

I’m Egyptian and I live in Giza, Egypt

” Writing isn’t just about connecting words; it’s about how you translate thoughts in a special and unique order… ” – Shaymaa –

 Shaymaa Ashraf is the founder of PCW Writing and Editing Services and an Egyptian bilingual writer and editor (English & Arabic). She is unique by applying her passion to the work and supporting her clients by helping them stand out from the crowd.

 No matter what is your writing and editing need, Shaymaa will assist you. She trusts writing is essential in every life aspect and that choosing the most convenient words in the best orders is a form of art that only a few can practice.

She has started writing in 2013 and has written more than a few hundreds of pieces of writings. Besides, She has worked with customers from 8 countries till now in content creation, copywriting, editing and proofreading projects, and she is still looking forward to widening her circle.

Make sure that once you hire Shaymaa, you get off the ground.

So, what about adding your project to my achievements list?