Hello, I’m Shaymaa, an Arabic copywriter

I live in Giza, Egypt

There is no quick fix for creating unique content; it’s through words that you convey the thoughts and feelings of others. 
Shaymaa is the founder of the 1st agency in Egypt and the Middle East to… Hey, just a minute!!

Let’s take it from the beginning. 
After completing hundreds of content pieces, from blog posts, social media, video scripts,
product descriptions, websites, etc., I can skillfully claim that I write in Standard Arabic, Modern Arabic, and Egyptian Arabic. Moreover, the English language creation and transcreation. 
I also took the step to become a women entrepreneur by launching PCW Content & Digital Marketing Services as the first agency in Egypt and the Middle East to provide its content, e-commerce and digital marketing services in over 2 languages. 

 It all started with Shaymaa’s belief in the power of the written word and the hidden secrets it holds!! 
Shaymaa made important contributions as an Arabic copywriter to numerous governmental foundations in Dubai, including AMAF and Dubai Municipality. She also worked with Nile
Projects and Trading Co., KFC, Loacker, and many other brands.
Not limited to this!

She was the only Egyptian speaker at the international event “Content Marketing Virtual Summit, 2020” and is a service provider on the “Faith Consulting”; platform. In addition, she is a
frequent speaker at numerous events. 

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