Hello, I’m Shaymaa, Arabic copywriter

I’m Egyptian and I live in Giza, Egypt

I believe that writing isn’t just about connecting words, It’s about how you translate your thoughts in a special and unique order. That’s why I have started my creative writing journey a few years ago with the sky’s the limit.

I’m Shaymaa Ashraf, an Egyptian bilingual writer, editor, and translator (English & Arabic) I have experience in content creation, copy-writing, web writing, editing, proofreading, and translation; I’ve worked on articles, companies’ profiles, copywriting slogans, marketing campaigns, social media posts, ads, email copywriting and many other various forms of writing.

As an Egyptian copywriter, I can work with clients from different backgrounds; till now, I’ve worked with clients from Egypt, Qatar, and UAE, completing all kinds of work with passion and exceptional feedbacks while still working on widening my existing circle.

I’ve started writing since adolescence; it’s a beloved hobby that turns out to be an intriguing passion and a job. I’m working up to be a unique and well-known figure in my field.

I consider my greatest achievement having the chance to work with KFC as a bilingual copywriter and translator and having a significant part as an Arabic copywriter with many governmental foundations in Dubai.

So, what about adding your project to my achievements list?