Hello, I’m Kevin, an American copywriter

I live in New York, USA

I’m a Creative Director/ECD/GCD

Highly conceptual & strategic CD/Copywriter with decades of experience telling brand stories, delivering surprise & delight and winning hearts & minds & awards along the way.

I’ve worked on nearly every product category for big and small brands, garnering more than my fair share of client appreciation, rising sales, awareness, un-aided recall, brand affinity, likes, retweets, reposts, activations, viral sensations and social engagement… not to mention some nice awards along the way as well..

I’m a writer’s writer, a strategic thinker, disarmingly collaborative, a creator and fan of great work from seed all the way through production glow ups and strategic media innovation.

I’m slightly obsessed with UX, UI and UE. I’m platform agnostic, media agnostic and I’ve worked successfully in every medium: traditional, digital, social, interactive, mobile, app, ambient, stunt, hidden camera, contest, documentary, long form, short form, comedic, serious, touching, faux product, teaser, reveal and even made up a few of my own.

I’m a music nerd, a music supe, a musician, a composer, singer and voice actor. I’m a tech nerd, a gadget junky, a bike snob, an oenophile, and a fan of rare bourbons. I’m a father, a surfer, a performer of improv, a reader of esoteric philosophy and a trained pranayama healer thanks to one crazy night in Joshua Tree.