Hello, I’m Greg, an American copywriter

I live in New York, USA

I’m a Freelance Integrated Copywriter/Creative Director

Hi, I’m Greg. A conceptual copywriter/thinker/believer/doer by trade and a CD/GCD/ECD by experience. I’m lucky enough to love what I do, proud of what I’ve done and if my parents knew how to use an iPhone, hopefully, they’d be proud, too.

I work hard to create original, award-winning, thumbstopping and shareable campaigns, commercials, social posts and content that positively impacts hearts, minds and the bottom line. Sometimes with a laugh, other times, a wink, a smile or maybe even a tear or two. But always, always with concept and craft first.

By my count, I’ve worked on 15 Fortune 50 brands and 38 Fortune 500 brands. And have won over 200 major awards along the way. I play well with others, treating clients, partners, and teams with respect and humility. Effort, always. Ego, never.

In my off-hours, you’ll find me at the gym, on a tennis court (USTA 4.0 rated), peering through a camera, flipping a house, wrenching on a muscle car, supporting Manchester United or playing with my dog.