Hello, I’m Francesco, Italian copywriter

I’m Italian and I live in Turin, Italy

Since I was born I’ve been travelling and living in many different cities. The last one is Turin, or maybe not. My explorations let me delve into the world of theater, storytelling, communication and copywriting. I love to learn and use new languages, I consider it the best way to keep discovering new horizonts, realities and peoples, and put them in connection. I work with my creativity and it’s the best job of the world.

As a copywriter I worked one year in an agency in Turin, Eggers 2.0, where I could write for many brands as Canon, Kinder, Mopar and Alpitour. I did radio spots, web commercials,  payoff, naming, adv and digital strategies.

Then I started to work as freelance copywriter, storyteller and transcreator and I’ve been involved in many creative projects with important clients, like Google, Amazon, Manfrotto and CDNetworks. One of the last job has been a Monograph for an Iranian company, Rahmani Group. The book will be ready next winter.