Hello, I’m Daniel, a Spanish copywriter

I’m Colombian and I live in Madrid, Spain.

I’m a creative copywriter

I’m an experienced copywriter with more than 8 years in the advertising and communications industry. I started in a small agency working for 3 years as a junior creative copywriter for a well-known bank in Colombia, called Colpatria. After that, I was called by Young & Rubicam, where I worked for 5 years. Here I shaped myself to become a better copywriter and an exceeding team leader. During this period of time, I was appointed to be Creative Director, which meant leading all the outcoming communications strategies for our clients. (Colgate, Adidas, Hyundai, Citroen, Reebok, among others).

After Y&R, I went to Sancho BBDO. I came here to lead a team with 5 Latam region clients (Mercedes-Benz, Bayer, Decameron, Politécnico Gran Colombiano, and Avon. It was a great 18 months of hard teamwork and amazing adventures. But I decided I wanted to follow my passion and I came to Madrid to do a master’s degree in Sports Marketing. This led to me working in the most valuable football team in the world: Real Madrid. In the club, I got to do the 20th anniversary of the Tour Bernabéu, which was a dream come true.

After finishing my master’s, a was called by the basketball league and I’m actually working with them in the marketing and brand department. Here I’m in charge of all the campaigns for the multiple basketball competitions in Spain, creating ideas to activate new and old sponsors, build brand awareness and bring creative innovation to the team.